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The Shel Silverstein Collection

Includes any combination of ten sessions of
-Wright After School Help (1hr)
-Individual Student Tutoring (1hr)
-Study Groups (1hr)
(Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Biology, Advanced Placement, College Applications)

So much to study.... so little time! Save up to $100 when you package your time at Keys Learning Center.
Work with Mr. Wright in the Wright After School Program.... or
Join one of Keys Learning Center Study Groups.... or
Schedule lessons with your favorite student tutor.... or
Make the most of all Keys Learning Center offerings by mixing and matching what you need!

The Ernest Hemingway Package

Includes any combination of ten sessions of:
-Private Lessons (1hr)
-SAT Classes (2 hrs)
-ACT Classes (2hrs)

Save $150 when you buy lessons and classes in bulk.

Sign up for SAT or ACT Classes to fit your busy schedule or choose private lessons with your favorite tutor. Save 25% off each session with our BEST OFFER.

The Jimmy Buffett Bundle

Includes any combination of SIX sessions of:
-Private Lessons (1hr)
-SAT Classes (2 hrs)
-ACT Classes (2hrs)

Get your SIXTH LESSON FREE when you buy five lessons.

Set up lessons with your favorite tutor(s) on your schedule for a discounted price.

SAT/ACT Prep Package (Six Sessions)

Keys Learning Center's Signature Class consists your choice of six SAT/ACT Sessions.

Get the best possible preparation for college admission.